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Alpine Ibex

The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Alpine Ibex | In comparison with other members of his family, Alpine ibex has a short, broad head and a duller coat pattern. As with all goats, males have beards, while females do not. Both male and female alpine ibexes are large, backward curved horns with a large number of ridges along their length. The Alpine ibex was, to some extent, limited only to the Gran Paradiso National Park in northern Italy, but in recent years has re-colonized most of the Alps, and is based in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

Ibex are generally lacking for forested areas, but the adult males in densely populated areas may remain in larch and spruce, larch forest mixed part of the year in an area are also found in areas with a pine forest. For most of the year, men and women occupy different habitats. Women rely moreso on steep terrain than males with males of low-lying meadows in the spring, which is when the snow melts and the grass is green. Then up to alpine meadows in summer. When winter comes, both men and women to steep rocky slopes that at least some snow to accumulate. Ibex preferred slopes of 30-45 degrees and use small caves and overhangs for shelter.

Home ranges tend to be larger in summer and autumn, the smallest in winter and spring term. Home range, females are generally smaller than those of men. Grass genera most commonly eaten are Agrostis, Avena, Calamagrostis, Festuca, Phleum, Poa and Sesleria Trisetum. Alpine ibex skin between the rocks of the steep cliffs, when chased by predators Alpine ibex climbing ability is such that it is observed that on the pure face of a dam, where the rock licks to get minerals. Although the Alpine ibex is a social species, there is segregation and space depending on the season. Four types of groups exist. Groups of male adults, groups consist of females and their ping off employees, groups of young individuals of the same sex groups of 2-3 years and young mixed groups are numerous in early summer, but women are expelled from the end of their period of the pregnancy.

Mixed groups of same-sex adult men and women during breeding, which lasts from December to January. The largest collections of both men and women who are in late spring and summer months of June and July. The men then leave their wintering areas separated and reunited. There is a linear dominance hierarchy among men. In small populations, more cohesion, male ibex know their place in the hierarchy based on memories of past encounters, while the furniture and large groups, where encounters with strangers are common, rank is based on the size of the behavior antagonistic horns in the male may come in the form of aggression "direct" or "indirect.


In the first phase, groups of men interacting with women who are all in estrous. The highest man, the closest you can go to a female. The males perform courtship. In the second stage of the separation channel is a male track of this group of female individual. The male then mate with the female and then join the group and return to the first phase. Ibex were reported to meet nineteen years in the wild The Alpine ibex in the past at a distance by France, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Bavaria, Austria and Slovenia.

Ibex were extinct in Austria and northern Italy from 19 th century. The ibex were protected from poachers and their number grew to 3,020 in 1914. The ibex enjoyed further protection in the Gran Paradiso was transformed into a national park in 1922. In 1976 the number of ibex population numbered 104. 

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