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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Peacock | The male (peacock) Indian Peafowl has iridescent blue-green or green colored plumage. The peacock's tail ("train") is not the feathered tail feathers but highly elongated upper tail covert the springs. The "eyes" are best seen as the peacock fans its tail. The female (peahen) Indian Peafowl has a mixture of dull green, brown and gray in her plumage. The Green Peafowl shows except the peacock. Unlike the Indian peacock, the green peacock is similar to the man, but with shorter upper tail coverts and fewer colors. As with many birds, vibrant colors are not based in the first plumage pigments, but optical interference Bragg reflections at regular, periodic nanostructures of the barbules (fiber-like components) of the sources. Small changes in the distance results in different colors.

Color mutations exist through selective breeding, as the leucistic White Peacock and Black shoulder Peafowl Peacock are forest birds that nest on the ground, but rust in the trees. Both types of peacocks are probably polygamous. However, it is suggested that a green peacock peahens entry area really his own juvenile or sub-adult, young (KB Woods in lit., 2000) and the green peacock are really monogamous in the wild. The peacock is expanding its plumage to the peahen as he tries to make himself aware. Peacock are omnivorous and eat most parts of the plant, petals, seed pods, insects and other arthropods, reptiles and amphibians.

The peacock can descendants of birds caused by Hurricane Andrew on the Wings of Asia aviary be scattered at Miami Dade Parks and Zoological Gardens in 1992. In Hinduism, the peacock with Saraswati, a deity connected to kindness, patience, kindness, compassion and knowledge. Peacocks have a special relationship with Lord Krishna. He wears peacock feathers on the head, and combines them with his flute. These springs are given to it by the peacocks themselves. As Saraswati, the peacock is connected Kwan-yin in Asian spirituality. In Christianity, the peacock is a symbol of eternal life. Themes of renewal be linked alchemical traditions, like many other schools of thought, the resurrection of the Phoenix to compare today's Peacock. Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel, the Yazidis name for the central figure of their faith.

In art and sculpture Melek Tawûsê like a peacock is shown. But peacocks are not from the countries where Tawûsê Melek is worshiped. In 1956, John J. Graham created an abstraction of an eleven-feathered peacock logo for the NBC. This brightly colored peacock was believed due to the increase in color programming. First NBC color broadcasts showed only a still image of the colorful peacock. NBC later, the slogan "We are proud as a peacock!" The current version of the logo debuted in 1986 and has six springs (yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green). A stylized peacock in full display is the logo for the Pakistan Television Corporation.

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