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Borneo Elephant


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Borneo Elephant | The elephants are confined to the northern and eastern parts of Borneo. Previous estimates for the population in Sabah was between 500-2000 elephants. The estimated population of 2,040 elephants. The largest of the five populations inhabit the protected forests of Sabah center, a contiguous area of forest, which is in most commercial forests, which were estimated 1,132 elephants remain. Density Elephant (elephant per square kilometer), was found to be higher when the surrounding areas were destroyed and the remaining elephants crushed the remaining forest areas.

In Sebuku subdistrict, Nunukan Regency, East Kalimantan, Indonesia has estimated 20-80 elephants of Borneo in 22 villages. Around 1395, Raja Raja Java has two elephants Baginda ruler of Sulu. Although the first few rows of elephants and Royal Brunei Banjarmasin, there was no tradition of local capture and tame wild elephants in Borneo. The arrival of the elephants in the north of Borneo Kalimantan matches the rule of the Sultan of Sulu Sabah. In gratitude, the rulers of Java sent their elephants Sulu everything sent to the Sultanate of Maguindanao Java elephants, which also part of the reason why the small bones of elephants are in Mindanao, southern Philippines. The Sultan of Sulu and his family sent some of his prized elephants Java northeastern Borneo, due to lack of land and elephants to help transport logs from the forest to build ships fast ships and long term.

This simple act of liberation for wild elephants family made Bolkiah of Sulu and its allies in El Salvador of the remaining elephants remaining former headquarters attest Wild populations of Asian elephants are disappearing, as deforestation in Borneo interrupted migration routes, depletes their food sources, and destroys their habitat. The genetic characteristics of the Borneo elephant populations makes it a high priority to the conservation of Asian elephants.

In Malaysia, Borneo's elephants are protected under Annex II of the enactment of the conservation of wildlife. Any person guilty of an elephant hunt shall be liable to a fine of $ 50,000 or five years imprisonment or both RM. Oregon Zoo, Portland has the elephant of Borneo in the United States, 17 female orphans Chendra call. 

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