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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Binturong | As burly and omnivorous, with a capacity to defend aggressively, the binturong is sometimes compared to a bear, but it is much smaller than the size of a small dog. However, it is the largest living species of the family Viverridae equal the African civet. His head and average body length is usually between 60-97 cm (24-38 inches) and weight is usually 9-20 kg (20-44 lb), although it is known extraordinary people, 23 kg (51 weigh £) or more. His body is covered with thick black hair and thick. The hair is often silvery white on the top, giving the animal a little grizzled general. Bearcats ears are small and round, and small eyes. Females are 20% larger than males. Its natural habitat is the dense rainforest canopy primary or secondary. It is also found naturally in dry forests grassland mosaics.

 Period of heat binturong is 81 days, with a gestation period of 91 days. The binturong is one of about 100 species of mammals considered by many experts to be able to farm diapause or delayed implantation, which allows the female species over time of birth with favorable environmental conditions. The Bearcats are solitary and nocturnal. It climbs trees and leaps from branch to branch, clinging to its tail and claws, while searching for food. No studies on food preferences were made in nature. However, the main source of food for wild fruits binturongs probably. Other foods known to eat eggs, shoots, leaves, arthropods and small vertebrates such as rodents or birds have been cases where banks were binturongs rivers and fish caught said.

Bearcats uses its tail to communicate through scent glands located on either side of the anus in men and women. Scent glands of women and couples on either side of the vulva. Binturong musk is often compared to popcorn and hot buttered cornbread. Bearcats brush his tail against trees and howls to announce its presence to other binturongs. Although sympatric with several potential predators, including leopards, clouded leopards and reticulated pythons, predation of adults reported rarely. The binturong is believed that one of the feistiest animals are in the wild. Although the Bearcats always occurs in a wide range of populations of these species has been greatly reduced. The IUCN now lists species endangered. The main threat to the species is the destruction of the forest habitat. While South Asia has plans, rampant deforestation.

 The other major threat to the species is the direct collection of samples (often illegally) for wildlife trade and hunting. Binturongs often rejected by their glands, skin, flesh and smell, as common in their region. The Orang Asli of Malaysia Bearcats keep as pets.
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