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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Pademelon | Red-neck pademelon are found in coastal areas of Queensland and New South Wales. In some places their offers drastically reduced. The red-abdomen or Tasmania Pademelon is abundant in Tasmania, but once found in parts of the south-east of the Australian continent. Life pademelon dark in New Guinea and the surrounding islands. E 'was previously called wallabies Aru Islands. Before then it was Philander ("friend"), which is the leading brand in the second volume of Travel Cornelis de Bruijn, which was originally published in 1711, the Latin name of this species the name of de Bruijn.

The natural habitat is in the spots stain pademelon or dense forests. Pademelon meat was considered valuable and was eaten by the settlers and the natives long. The explosion also caused problems in rabbits, as rabbits will eat the herbs themselves Pademelon less available. In addition, clearing land for housing, wallabies and kangaroos largest country that had pushed for so long pademelon thrive. 

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