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Red Wolf


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Red Wolf | The red wolf is put about 66-79 cm (26-31 inches) at the withers. Red Wolves men are about 10% larger than females. The muzzle is long, broad and black hake, red ears, long legs, long, bushy tail with a black tip. The body is an intermediate between the gray wolf (Canis lupus) and coyotes (Canis latrans) The red wolf pup begins life with a coat slate gray or black, with her hair dyed brown on the head visible. As we mature, the color changes color to a mixture of brown buff, brown and red along the body and a black tail tip, but often have black guard hairs and also occurs sometimes with black bars or dark forelegs.

The red wolf is generally intermediate in size between the coyote and the gray wolf. However, disproportionately long legs and large ears are two obvious features that separate the red wolves and coyotes, gray wolves. Paleontological evidence has suggested an origin of the red wolf line 1-2 mA, which branches from an ancestor, the wolf, the coyote, which appeared approximately 4.9 mA between 150000-300000 years, the American subsidiary has become the red wolf , eastern wolf and coyote. Another branch migrated to Eurasia becomes a wolf and the gray wolf, who later emigrated to North America.

Litters average of five puppies and red wolves live in families like gray wolves. The red wolf lives in a family that includes a dominant breeding pair and young previous seasons. Red wolves scent mark territorial boundaries to prevent the intrusion of other wolves. First of extinction in the wild, the red wolf diet consisted otters, rabbits and rodents. In contrast, the red wolf population has recovered the deer, raccoons, otters and rabbits.  

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