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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Aardvark | The Aardvark is vaguely pig-like in appearance. Members are of medium length. The ears are disproportionately long, sharp tail is very thick at the base and gradually. Aardvark is typically weighing 40 to 65 kg (88 and 140 pounds).  Aardvark is pale yellow-gray in color and reddish brown earth often stained. aardvark hair is fine, and the protection of your primary hard animal skin. The Aardvark was known. Instead of a cavity of the tooth, each tooth. Aardvark only adult molars in the back of the jaw and a tooth of the formula: Aardvarks live in sub-Saharan Africa, home to a suitable habitat for them, like savannas, steppes, forests and savannahs, and available food (ie, ants and termites). The Aardvark is nocturnal and is a solitary creature that feeds almost exclusively on ants and termites (formicivore) the only fruit eaten by aardvarks is the aardvark cucumber.

When a concentration of ants or termites is detected, the anteater dig with their powerful front legs, keeping its long ears upright store and hear predators, and has an astonishing number of insects with its long, sticky tongue, as many as 50,000 in one night were recorded. If successful, the aardvark time (up to 30 centimeters (12 inches)) licking tongue biting insects are termites or ants stinging attacks made useless the hard skin. Besides digging ants and termites, the aardvark burrows and caves, live, temporary sites scattered around the living room as a refuge, and a main building used for reproduction. Start digging deep and extensive, multiple inputs and can take up to 13 meters (43 feet). Only mothers and young share burrows.

Aardvarks live up to 24 years in captivity. The main predators are aardvark lions, leopards, wild dogs and pythons. Some African tribes also hunt aardvarks for meat Aardvarks can dig fast or run in zigzag to evade enemies, but if all else fails, they will attack with their claws, tail and shoulders, sometimes flipping in back four. Beat Their thick skin also protects them to some extent. In African folklore the aardvark is much admired for his careful search of food and its fearless response to soldier ants. Hausa magicians cast a spell of Aardvark heart, skin, face and nails, then continue to beat with the root of a tree. The Egyptian god Set Some say that the head of an aardvark or part aardvark be. The villain (Cyril Sneer) and one of the heroes (Cedric Sneer) of the animated television series The Raccoons were aardvarks 1980.

The main character of Arthur, an animated series for children airs on WGBH produces more than 180 countries, is an aardvark. One of the main characters in the cartoon The Ant and the Aardvark 1969-1971 is a blue aardvark voiced by John Byner is, as an imitation of Jackie Mason. Represents the Aardvark tries and fails to catch and eat his antagonist, the Ant, also voiced imitating Dean Martin Byner. A series of comic Cerebus the Aardvark (created, written and illustrated by Dave Sim) is an anteater as protagonists.
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