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Hammerhead Shark


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Hammerhead Shark | Although several species are hammer big enough, they are thinner and lighter than other large sharks, undoubtedly increase their speed and agility in the water. The shape of the head is designed to help the shark find food, handling and quarts near twisting without loss of stability greatly. From what we know of Winghead shark, it seems that the shape of the hammer head has to do with developing sensory function. Like all sharks, hammerheads have. Breeding takes place once a year for hammerhead sharks and usually occurs with the male bites the female shark violently until she agrees to mate with him. Hammerhead show reading with viviparous females give birth to live young. Like other sharks, fertilization internal transfer male sperm wife by one of the copulatory organs is called claspers. The developing embryos are initially supported by a yolk sac.

In 2007, Bonnet Head shark was capable of asexual reproduction by parthenogenesis automictic considered in the female ovum fuses with a polar body form a zygote without a male. Hammerhead sharks are known to eat a variety of products, including fish, squid, octopus, mussels and other species of hammerhead sharks. The hammerhead shark uses its head to identify scratches and eats the beam when the beam is weak and in shock. It is a type of hammerhead shark, which is more aggressive and wide: the big hammer. These sharks are more aggressive and eat squid, octopus, and other hammerhead sharks. Of the nine known species of hammerhead sharks, three people can be dangerous: the scalloped hammerhead sharks, large and soft.

Listed large hammers (IUCN), the World Conservation Union Red List of endangered species in 2008, while the hammer is listed as endangered small eyes. Shark fins are prized as a delicacy, and overfishing has many hammerhead sharks threatened with extinction. Fishermen. Views known in the native Hawaiian culture, sharks as gods of the sea, as Aumakua will protect human health and marine life also cleaner. Some of these sharks are as family members who have died, and was reborn as a shark. However, there are sharks, which are as a cannibal, also known as Niuhi. These sharks are great white sharks, tiger sharks and bull sharks. Hammerhead, also known as Kihikihi hand is.

The Hammerhead is considered the birth of the animals in some children. Hawaiian children are born with a sign Hammerhead animals thought to be warriors and to sail the oceans. It is very rare that hammerhead sharks pass through the waters of Maui, but many Maui residents believe that if hammerheads happen, it is a sign that the gods take care of families and the oceans are clean and balanced . 

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