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King Vulture


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | King Vulture | Apart from these two types of condors, the King Vulture is the largest of the New World vultures. A majestic king vultures bird adult plumage is mainly white, with a touch of pink and yellow for him. By contrast, wing coverts, flight feathers and tail are dark gray to black, and the first floor of the flange thickness. The head and neck are free of feathers, skin tones of red and purple on the head, neck and throat bright yellow orange. King Vulture has the largest skull and skull into account and New World vultures. The bird has broad wings and short tail, broad and square. Unlike some missing eyelashes king vulture. The vulture is little sexual dimorphism, with no differences in plumage and a little in size between males and females. The young vulture beak and dark eyes and a soft, gray neck, orange before becoming an adult. Young vultures are a slate gray complex, although similar in appearance to adults.

The last stages immature black feathers on the wings scattered white blankets otherwise their children. The head and neck are vulture feathers as an adaptation for hygiene, good black hair on the sides of the head, this lack of feathers prevents bacteria feed the springs of the channel and causes skin damage from sterilizing effects of Sun Dark plumage immature birds may be confused with C. aura, but flies with wings of feathers smooth, pale, while adults are quite realistic confused with the stork, but outside of its long neck and legs allow easy recognition

King Vulture live about 14 million km2 (5.4 million MI2) between southern Mexico and northern Argentina. In South America, living in the western Andes, except in the western part of Ecuador, Colombia to the northwest and northwest Venezuela. Lives mostly intact lowland tropical forests and savannas and grasslands with these forests nearby. This bird is often the most numerous vulture or primary lowland forests in its range, but the Amazon is the great Head of Eagle outnumbered usually yellow, while usually outnumbered by the Lesser Yellow header, Turkey Vulture and open environments. King Vulture effortless flight hours, and often exceeds their wings. During the flight, the wings are flat with slightly raised tips by far the vulture flight may appear headless.

 It is migratory and, except Turkey, Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture and the U.S. generally live alone or in small family groups. Groups of up to 12 birds have been observed bathing and drinking water in a pool above a waterfall in Belize. King Vultures have lived up to 30 years in captivity, despite his life in nature is unknown. King Vulture has been one of the most common types of birds in the Maya codices. Its glyph is easily distinguishable by the knob on the beak of the bird, and the concentric circles that form. Sometimes, the eyes of birds, the bird is depicted as a god with a human body and bird head. Ocellated Turkey a (Meleagris ocellata) was also represented as a bird, but the sickle and mimosas for raptor point. King vulture is also a popular theme on stamps of the countries of its range. King Vulture is one of the many species of birds with AZA register, which is maintained by Shelly Collinsworth Fort Worth Zoo. 

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