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California Sea Lion


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | California Sea Lion | Since sexual dimorphism, California sea lions differ in size, shape and color of the sexes. The adult male's skin can be anywhere from light brown to black, but it is usually dark brown. The face of adult men can also be light brown in some areas. Although the species has a slender structure, adult males have a thick neck, chest and shoulders. How otariid, the California sea lion is based on her front flippers to propel swimming. The flexibility of the spine allows sea lions to bend the neck backward enough to achieve their hindflippers. This allows the animal to swim back and maintain good posture aerodynamics. When you go on the ground, the sea lion is capable of converting hindflippers before and crawl.

Sea lions have color vision, even if limited to the blue-green spectrum. Sea lions are underwater very fine ear, devices with a range of 0.4 to 32 kHz. Sea lions are based on a mustache or beard to touch and vibration detection diving. The beaches of California sea lions along the west coast and islands of North America, Southeast Alaska to central Mexico. Mitochondrial DNA sequences in 2009 identified five different populations of California sea lions, the United States and Western Pacific temperate populations, Baja California shares or the tropical Pacific, and south-central, and northern Gulf of California stock U.S. shares races. Baja California Western values generated mainly near Punta Eugenia and Isla Santa Margarita.

The status of seals in the deep waters of the central bay analyzedDuring not breeding season, sea lions gather on both sides of the rocks and sand. California sea lions can live in fresh water for a while, as close to the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River. In 2004, a sea lion was found alive sitting on a street in Merced County, California, about a hundred miles upstream from San Francisco Bay and half a mile from the San Joaquin River. California sea lions feed on a variety of seafood, especially squid and fish, clams and occasionally. Commonly eaten fish and squid species include salmon, hake, Pacific whiting, anchovies, herring, rockfish, sea lamprey, shark and squid market.

California sea lions can be eaten alone or in small and large groups, depending on the amount of food available. Sea lions and dolphins sometimes continue to benefit from their efforts to hunt. Adult females feed between 10-100 kilometers (6.2 to 62 km) from the coast. Males may forage up to 450 km (280 miles) from the coast when the water temperature increases. Sea lions are prey for orcas and large sharks. A Monterey Bay, California sea lions appear to be the most common food-eating mammals transient pod of whales. Sea lions are common prey for white sharks. Shark Attack lions ambush while resting on the surface. Sea lions that are connected to the rear are more likely to survive and reach the coast California sea lions breed herd between May and August, when they arrive at their breeding colonies.

A male sea lion is usually in its territory for 27 days. Females have long intervals between births and consequently, men do not show their territories before the females give birth. Sea lions do not establish a territory are pushed out to sea or collect beachBefore tight engagement begins, the women gather in "milling" groups of 2-20 people. The territorial system and the coupling of the California sea lion has been described as similar to a lek that women seem to choose their mates while moving so different territories. Avoid men who are too aggressive or energy. Males are usually able to prevent women from leaving their territory, particularly in the waters. Male California sea lions have a breeding cycle of 12 months, which is a gestation period of nine months and three months delayed implantation of the fertilized ovum actual before giving birth in May or June lengthy intervals for this species is 21 days for California sea lions and more than 30 days for sea lions in the Gulf of California.

Upon returning from a trip, the women call their puppies with dependent cubs distinctive calls in nature. Puppies can sometimes combine their mothers during their travels in search of food. The adult male California sea lions play no role in the collection of the puppies, but they are more interested in them than adult males of other species otariid, but have also been observed to help shield puppies swimming predators. California sea lions communicate with a wide range of vocalizations. Males are territorial call stronger and more continuous and bark constantly occur - day and night - during the peak of the breeding season. Sea lions bark particularly fast when aroused. Barking territorial and non-territorial males are similar, although the first run deeper. Males can bark when threats or other men during courtship. Vocalization is also done by groups of non-breeding males.

Male sea lions are less vocal. The sound of a female sea lion gives when calling her kittens is called a "pup-attraction call", described as "high" and "fight". Puppies respond with a "mother answers the call," which has a similar structure. Puppies also bleat or bark during play or in difficulty. California sea lions are capable of producing underwater vocalizations. Marine biologist Ronald J. Schusterman and its research partners have studied lions cognitive ability. Sea lions have demonstrated the ability to understand the simple syntax and commands when taught a language artificial signs. However, the sea lions rarely used semantic or logical signs. A sea lion can go through a year of training before performing a trick for the audience. The California sea lion is used in U.S. military applications Marine Mammal Program of the Navy, including mine detection enemies marine and underwater. Naval officers say the sea lions can do it in seconds, before the enemy realizes what has happened.
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