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Golden Lion Tamarin


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Golden Lion Tamarin | The Golden Lion Tamarin by her hair bright red-orange skin for a long time. The Golden Lion Tamarin is the largest marmosets. As with all New World monkeys, the Golden Lion Tamarin tegulae, the claw-like nails, nails instead of ungulae or apartment is in all other primates, including humans. Tegulae allow tamarins to the sides of trees cling to. The Golden Lion Tamarin has a very limited range, and that over time have all but lost 2-5% of their original habitat in Brazil. Today is the tamarind to three small areas of the rain forest in southeastern Brazil Poco das Antas Biological Reserve limited, Fazenda UniĆ£o Biological Reserve, private lands through the reintroduction program. Tamarins live in the lowland coastal forests, below 300 m (984 ft) above sea level. The Golden Lion Tamarin is active for up to 12 hours per day.

Approaching the afternoon tamarind concentrate more on insects. Tamarin groups use tree cavities, hollow or dense epiphytic vines sleep pages. The Golden Lion Tamarin tends before and after his retirement in the hot, humid season, the days are longer active. During drier times, insects, as more and more rare. The Golden Lion Tamarin is a varied diet is omnivorous fruits, flowers, nectar, bird eggs, insects and small vertebrates. Microhabitats for food and other daily activities and tamarins based bromeliads, crowns, sashes, palm leaves, cracked, woody vines, wine entanglements, shell trees rotting logs and leaves. The Golden Lion Tamarin uses her fingers to remove the dam cracks, known as leaves and dense growth behavior as micromanipulation. During the rainy season, Golden Lion Tamarin eat mainly fruit, but during drier times, you need to eat more foods such as nectar and other gums. Small vertebrates are also in these times that consumes insects become less abundant.

The reproductive system of the Golden Lion Tamarin is largely monogamous. If two grown men in a group, a mates with the female. Only dominant female can reproduce and fix bitches in the other group. Men can reach puberty 28 months. Tamarins have a gestation period of four months. Golden Lion Tamarin cooperative breeding groups are infants. Youth group members lose opportunities for improvement, but they gain experience in helping parents raise their younger siblings. Young people in his youth at 17 weeks come and socializing group members. Subadult stage reached in 14 months and will initially tamarind adult behavior.
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