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Sea Cucumber


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Sea Cucumber | The body of a roughly cylindrical cucumbers. The radially symmetric along the longitudinal axis, and presents weak cross with bilateral symmetry dorsal and ventral surface. At the front of the mouth surrounded by a ring of tentacles retractable normally in the mouth. Anterior muscles to bones lie contraction causes withdrawal introverted. The wall is formed by a body, the epidermis and the dermis, containing a ossicles to the lime-containing species that help characterize different species. Within the body wall of the body cavity which is divided by three longitudinal mesenteries that surround and support the internal organs

Exceptions include pelagic cucumbers and pawsoni Rynkatropa species, a commensal relationship with deep-sea anglerfish have. The diet of most cucumbers consists of plankton and decaying organic matter found in the sea. Some sea cucumbers position themselves in currents and catch food that flows by with their open tentacles. Also sift through the bottom sediments using their tentacles. In most sea cucumbers, the only important part of the skeleton and the attachment point for the muscles of the tentacles can be retracted into the body to the security that the major muscles of the body wall. Sea cucumbers extract oxygen from water in a few "trees" branch masks cloaca just inside the anus, to "breathe" drawing water through the anus and then is expelled. Together with the intestine, respiratory trees also as organs of excretion of nitrogenous wastes diffusion through the tube walls in the form of ammonia and particulate waste landfill phagocytic coelomocytes

Like all echinoderms, sea cucumbers possess both a water vascular system that supplies hydraulic pressure to the tentacles and tube feet, causing them to move, and the blood system. A ring core haemale vessels around the pharynx near the ring channel water vascular system, and further sends along the radial channels beneah ambulacrales areas. Additional Shipping respiratory trees surround even contact them only indirectly, through the coelomic fluid. In fact, the blood itself is essentially identical to the coelomic fluid which bathes directly bodies and fills the vascular system water. Phagocytic coelomocytes, somewhat similar function of the white blood cells of vertebrates, are formed in the haemale vessels and travel through the body cavity and two circulation systems.

Most sea cucumbers reproduce by releasing sperm and ova into the ocean water. Sea cucumbers are typically dioecious, with separate male and female individuals, but some species are protandrous. At least 30 species, including red sea cucumber pectoris (Pseudocnella insolens), fertilize the eggs internally and then pick up the fertilized zygote with one of the tentacles of its own power supplySome of the species are known for their eggs hatch within the body cavity, from which through a small crack in the body wall near the anus. The larva grows doliolaria converted with a shape of a barrel body and an eye 3-5 rings. In recent years, the sea cucumber industry in Alaska increased by increasing exports of the skin and muscles of China. In China, sea cucumbers are grown commercially in artificial ponds. Wild sea cucumbers are caught by divers and sea cucumbers are wild Alaskan higher nutritional value and are larger than sea cucumbers Chinese farm. Large, more nutritional value has allowed Alaska fisheries to continue to compete for market share, despite the increase of local agriculture, Chinese sea cucumber. The main target species are now White teat Fish, Black Sand Fish and fish, caught by diving to a depth of 40 meters.
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