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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Nutria | The coypu somewhat resembles "a big rat or a beaver with a small tail. Nutria nipples women are high on the sides. Coypu can Muskrat other dispersed semi-aquatic rodent that has the same wetlands are confused. It can be confused with a small beaver, as beavers and otters have a similar anatomy. However, beaver tails and pale as television, timothy more complete than the nutria. Impregnated one day return nutria woman after birth, they are young. Coypus baby suckle for 7-8 weeks after leaving the mother. In addition to playing fast, each nutria consume large amounts of vegetation. As one of the most largest rodent in the world got mature, healthy weight nutria was 5.4 kg (12 pounds), but up to 10 kg (22 lb) to achieve. Coypu are most commonly found in freshwater marshes, but also inhabit brackish marshes and salt meadows rare.

As demand for coypu fur declined, coypu have become pests in many areas, destroying aquatic vegetation, marshes, irrigation systems, chewing through artificial objects, such as tires and wooden house paneling in Louisiana shoreline erosion and movement of native animals. Ecosystem nutria were introduced in Louisiana in 1930, when he escaped from fur farms, which imported from South America. Nutria damage in Louisiana was so strong that in 2005, a rewards program in place to control was to help the animal. In the region of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, where they were introduced in 1940, probably destroyed nutria 7000-8000 (2,800 hectares to 3,200 hectares) of wetlands have Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. However, by 2003, one billion more would eradicate East Anglia in the United Kingdom were introduced nutria, skin, in 1929, many escaped and damaged the drainage and a concerted program by MAFF eradicated them in 1989. The meat is lean and low in cholesterol coypu. Although there have been many attempts to establish markets for coypu meat, all documented cases have generally been successful. Farms unscrupulous employers have nutria and otters value as "meat", "young" or "control aquatic weeds. In all cases, the documents of the contractor sell coypu "breeding" at very high prices. Would-be coypu farmers find markets for their products disappear after the project sponsors are out of image.

The state is "nutria itch" as This explains CWPPRA herbivores coypu is "perhaps the loss of wetlands studied more or less quantifiable. Stabilize many coastal restoration projects include landscaping around the marshes, but if you put the otter in the area, then all the money and effort would be useless renewal adequate control of nutria. presented the last program to promote the otter collection Côte provide wide Nutria Control Program, and must be the most effective way to reduce the population of otters. From 2002, he studied at a distance of air, and taking collection Nutria and the demonstration program of wetlands (already mentioned), but is now under another title of the program under program control off Costa Nutria, also funded by CWPPRA, 308,160 nutria were harvested in the first year (2002 -. 2003) describes damaged 82,080 hectares and a total of $ 1,232,640 in incentives paid to those legally participate.

When Otter Tail registered simply cut and convert officially coastal environments, Inc. (CEI) in an approved location. each otter tail is worth $ 5 in 2006, an increase of 4 before the harvest season -2007. otter has increased dramatically during the year 2009-2010 academic 445,963 nutria tail becomes a value of $ 2229.815000 bonuses. IEC Each agent keeps track of the number of cocks were all trapping methods used otter parish and transforms the place of capture. Otter is a very thin, the fibrous protein rich meat, in some respects, is better than beef, chicken and turkey for the human body. And 'low fat and cholesterol released with the taste and texture appearance rabbit or dark turkey meat, according to a study published in the Journal of Food Science. The quality of the meat and minimal harmful microorganisms that are associated with nutria meat product "excellent food for export markets. Zinc phosphide is the only rodenticide currently licensed to fight against nutria, but still expensive, toxic for months detoxified in high humidity and rain, and requires (expensive) floating rafts for positioning the chemical. Other chemical potential would be required by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States to undergo a final test before it is acceptable for use in otters. The offshore fishery has an estimated cost of $ 300,000 for new chemicals for field and laboratory chemicals and $ 500,000 for a mandatory public offer to the environmental impact statement. Contraception is not a common form of control, but some administrators prefer animals. The coypu is considered "prohibited new organism" New Zealand Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996 classified avoid being imported into the country.
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