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Bighorn Sheep


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Bighorn Sheep | Ovis canadensis is one of three species of sheep in North America and Siberia, the other two species Ovis dalli, including Dall sheep and Stone sheep, Ovis and snow nivicola Siberia. Deviation from their closest Asian ancestor (Snow sheep) occurred about 600,000 years ago. In North America, the sheep will come in two types, Dall sheep, which occupy Alaska and northwestern Canada, and bighorn sheep ranges from southern Canada to Mexico divided. Bighorn Sheep are named for the large curved horns of the ram (male) born. Male big horn sheep have horns and bones, enlarged frontal and interior walls. Bighorn sheep have preorbital glands front corner. Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep are relatively large, with males sometimes over 500 pounds (230 kg) and women over 200 pounds (90 kg). In contrast, Sierra Nevada Bighorn males weigh only up to 200 lbs (90 kg) and females 140 pounds (60 kg). Male horn "weigh up to 30 pounds (14 kg) and the rest of the bones in the human body.

Bighorn sheep usually grassland, grassy slopes and near the village live at the foot of steep cliffs and rocks. A sheep wintering usually 2500-5000 m, while the summer offer tends to be 6000 to 8500 meters. Bighorn sheep are highly susceptible to diseases carried by domestic sheep occurs as scabies and pneumonia mortality as a result of accidents involving rock fall or landslide additional (risk of life on steep slopes and rough). The sheep are well on steep slopes where to find protection from predators adapted. Predation primarily occurs with lambs which are hunted by coyotes, bobcats, lynx and golden eagles. Sensitive to anthropogenic environmental problems in the Besides their aesthetic value bighorn sheep hunters are considered desirable. Bighorn sheep graze on grasses and shrubs to see, especially in autumn and winter, and seek minerals at natural salt. Bighorn sheep live in large herds, and usually does not follow a one-piece cylinder head, unlike the mouflon, the ancestor of domestic sheep, which has a rigid dominance hierarchy.

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Rams employ at least three different strategies of seduction. Sheep men generally avoid moving to the strategy is not effective. Rams also a blockade strategy. Avoid areas to guard the sheep, before she goes into heat again Bighorn sheep have a gestation period of six months. Lambs born early in the season are born rather than lambs survive later. Newborn lambs 10.8 pounds (3.6 to 4.5 kg) weighed and can be reached on foot in a few hours. The duration of the ram is usually 9-12 years, 10-14 years for sheep. Two hundred years ago, bighorn sheep are common in the western United States, Canada and northern Mexico. A reintroduction program, national parks and game went to a decline in domestic sheep near the end of World War II bighorn sheep has made a comeback. In 2009, the Department of Fish and Game 21 licenses for hunting bighorn sheep and 19 permits for the 2010-11 season bighorn sheep released were among the most admired animals Apsaalooka or Corneille, people who today was named in Bighorn Mountains Apsaalooka heart the tribal areas. In the book, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, storyteller Old Coyote describes a legend related to the Bighorn Sheep.

Rescued by bighorn sheep, the man takes the name of their leader, Big Metal. The other sheep give him strength, wisdom, sharp eyes, of course, agility, hearing, great strength and a strong heart. Metal back to his people with the message that people Apsaalooka survive until the mountain river known as the Bighorn River. Bighorn sheep for their meat and horns, which are used in ceremonies such as food, and hunted as trophies. They also serve as a source of eco-tourism, serve tourists come to bighorn sheep can be seen in their natural habitat. Bighorn sheep are known by the scientific identification argali or assumptions of the same animals Asiatic Argali (Ovis ammon) were Argalia. Bighorn River, another tributary of the Yellowstone River and its tributaries were the Little Bighorn River stated both on the map of Clark and not their names at the end of the same name from the Battle of Little Bighorn
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