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Cuban Screech


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Cuban Screech | Like other owls, owl females larger than males of their species. Have developed and hooked beak raptor claws well. Owls hunt from perches in semi-open landscapes. They prefer places where there are old trees with cavities that host their prey, insects, reptiles, small mammals such as bats, mice and other small birds included. Owls have good hearing, seeks help from their prey in a habitat. They also have well developed claws and curved beak prey, both tear. Their prey into pieces small enough to swallow easily used usually carry their prey in their nests, presumably to pass up the opportunity to save your food more than a bird of prey. Owls, especially tapeworms. During the breeding season in late winter, but males build nests in cavities, sometimes reusing abandoned nests of other animals, in an attempt to attract females.

The young of most owls are altricial at semialtricial. Owls in the Northeast United ec revealed. New Jersey, New York, owls, etc. are named for their piercing calls. Clarity of many species of owls was performed for the first time in a very different calls outside like birds from neighboring regions were observed. A fossil owl from the late Pliocene of Kansas (which is almost identical to Screech Owls East and West), shows a long-term presence of these birds in the Americas, while fossil horned owl peers found are very similar In the Eurasian Scops Onix Mallorca. The owl, another procoracoid positioning (at least before) and the coracoid bone compared to other owls of the New World During the late 19th century ornithologists knew little of the variation of these mysterious birds often live in remote locations, with each new taxon described some differences between the Old and the New World "owls" scops became increasingly important. Namely, scops give a whistle call or a series of shrill whistles, with less than four different calls per second.

There are some other differences, such as gold scops owls down often and rarely seen owls, but the difference in sound is very noticeable. Firstly, in 1848, was dismissed Megascops owls. Then the great owl apomorphic White-throated Screech of the Andes in the monotypic genus Macabre was laid in 1854. Gym was founded the same year for the owl Puerto Rico, and the owl bare legs (or "Cuban Screech Owl") was separated into Gymnoglaux and subsequent years, the latter species has sometimes been associated with Gymnasio by later authors. The third edition of the AOU list in 1910 up owls back in Otus. In 2003, the AOU formally accepted Megascops new genre.

It was also confirmed that the owl bare legs. Sufficiently clear to justify the separation was in a separate genus Screech Owl Puerto Rico, but only slightly different Megascops. In addition, the white owl bra as part of an ancient lineage Megascops like the owl and Tropical Screech Owl Whiskered already recognized that the ambiguous relationship - and, in fact, the structure of the application is very different from what last. Fferent your approximate Whiskered Screech Owl south (Megascops Trichopsis mesamericanus) is probably the result of strong genetic drift.
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