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Adelia Penguin


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Adelia Penguin | There are 38 colonies of Adelie penguins, and more than 5 million euros in the Ross Sea Adelia. Ross Iceland supports a colony of about half a million Adelie. Adelie penguins breed from October to February in the coast of Antarctica. Adelia build nests of rough stones. Adelie penguins live in groups called colonies. 160,000 Adelie penguins live in Cape Bird, but environmentalists predict up to 70 percent of them were lost due to the loss of the sea These penguins are of medium size, with a 46-75 cm (18-30 inches) in length and 3.6 up to 6 kg (7.9 to 13) in weight. The tail is a little "longer than the tail of the other penguins., It seems a bit like a tuxedo. I'm a little 'smaller than other penguin species. Its appearance is closer to the stereotypical image of all black penguin with a white belly. Adelie penguins can swim up to 45 h (72 km / h).

Adelie penguins are the prey of leopard seals, killer whales and skuas occasionally. Like all penguins, Adelie penguins are very sociable, feeding and nesting in groups. They are also very aggressive toward other penguins steal stones from their nest. The specific details of their behavior were largely of Apsley Cherry-Garrard (a survivor of the last fateful journey of Robert Falcon Scott to the South Pole) documented in his book The worst journey in the world. Cherry-Garrard said: "They are like children Surprisingly, these small towns Antarctic world, either as children or the elderly, full of their selfishness importance samples were narrated by George Murray Levick, a surgeon Royal Navy - and Lieutenant scientists also accompanied Scott on his ill-fated British Antarctic Expedition of 1910, when the revolt of the penguins in the Antarctic, "In the place where most of the time they are in [water], a long terrace of ice on two current meters were several hundred meters long the shore and here, as in the sea ice, the crowd was close to the edge.  Groups were constantly jumping our [ice] floe.

One day, a group was attached to the side of the ship, and spotted a penguin and fled. Adelie penguins arrive at their breeding grounds in October or November to late winter and early springIn December, the warmest month in Antarctica (about -2 ° C or 28 ° F), the parents take turns incubating the eggs, feed, and the other stays to warm the egg. Adelie penguins live on the ice, but needs the ice-free land to breed. With a reduction of sea ice Adelie Penguin populations have declined by 65% in the last 25 years.

The young Adelie penguins have no experience with social interaction to react to false signals when the penguins gather to breed. Because of the relatively human appearance and behavior such as birds, human observers have interpreted this anthropomorphic behavior as a sexual deviation. "The brochure, which is to be published in the official reports of the Scott expedition, are commented on the frequency of sexual activity, behavior, self-eroticism and seemingly deviant behavior of young men and women are not paired, including necrophilia, sexual coercion, sexual and physical abuse of chicks and homosexual behavior, "the analysis of Douglas Russell and colleagues William Sladen and David Ainley written. " ld. 

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