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King Cobra


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | King Cobra | Middle Snake 3-4 m (9.8 to 13 feet) in length and typically weighing about 6 kg (13 lbs.) The length and weight of snakes most places, and some other factors. Despite its size, typical king cobras are fast and agile. The skin of this snake is the color or olive, brown or black and has a faint pale yellow cross bands around. The head of an adult snake can be very large and bulky in appearance, though like all snakes, they can expand their jaws to swallow large prey. The male is larger and thicker than women. The average life of wild King Cobra is about 20 years. Dorsal scales along the midline of the body of the king cobra has 15 lines. Males have 235-250 ventral scales, while females 239-265. King Cobra around the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and South Asia (which is common) distributed. Snake population fell due to the destruction of forests resources in some areas.

King Cobra, like other snakes, receive chemical information in their forked tongues, which collects scent particles and transfer them to a special sensory receptor (Jacobson's organ) located in the sky. If you smell food, snakes films with language, the position of the dam (the sole owner of the language works in stereo) to measure, it also uses its keen eyesight (King Cobras are able to determine, moving prey almost 100 m [330 feet] away), intelligence and sensitivity to ground noise to track their prey. After poisoning the king cobra will begin to swallow its prey tries toxins begin the digestion of its victim. King cobras, like all snakes, have flexible jaws. This allows the King Cobra, stop swallow their prey whole and swallow prey much larger than their heads. The general name for the king cobra is Ophiophagus the Greek word which means "snake-eater", and its diet consists primarily of other snakes, including ratsnakes, small pythons and even other venomous snakes, as several members of the true charges obtained ( Naja genus) and Krait even more poisonous. In some cases, the cobra may "constrict" its prey, such as birds and larger rodents, using its muscular body, though this is rare. After a large meal the snake for many months without the other can live because of slow metabolism. Nutrition is the most common snake ratsnake; such accusation often brings king cobras close to human settlements.

When you lift your body, Snake can still hit the long distance and people can contribute to a safe zone misunderstood. The king cobra can have a few bites in a single attack but adults are known to deliver the bite and hold. The king cobra belongs where women snake very devoted father rarity. Cobra baby with an average 45-55 cm (18-22), which poison strong as adults. In Burma, king cobras are often used by snake charmers female. The charm usually tattooed with three pictograms, using an ink mixed with snake venom; superstition believes that protects charm snakes. Charmer kisses the snake on top of the head to the end of the series In the Indian subcontinent, the king cobra is likely to have a phenomenal memory. According to the myth of a killer cobra snake eyes, which are then absorbed and used by couples is to hunt the killer for revenge. To test this theory, King Cobra was arrested and released in the event that had small holes. 

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