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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Pelican | The genus Pelecanus was formally described in 1758 by Linnaeus in the tenth edition of his Systema Naturae. He described the peculiarities of the accounting single peak, the nose, the right face and bald completely dependent webbed feet. The first definition includes frigates and pelicans, cormorants and sulids. The name comes from the ancient Greek word pelican (πελεκάν), which comes from the word pelekys (πελεκυς) meaning "ax". In ancient times, the word for both the pelican and woodpeckerPelicans Pelecaniformes give his name to have been applied, an order that has had a varied taxonomic history. Molecular evidence that the Hamerkop Shoebill and form a sister group of pelicans, although there are doubts about the exact relationship between the three lines.

The supposed Miocene pelican Liptornis of Patagonia is a nomen dubium (of dubious validity), and fragments of sufficient evidence to support a valid description is based. The eight survivors pelican species are divided into two groups, one with four nests of land with mostly white adult plumage (Australian American White Pelicans, Dalmatian, Great White, y) and gray or brown plumage four species divide, two favorite nesting trees (pink-backed pelicans, Spot-billed and brown), or on the sea rocks (Peru Pelican).

So Leptopelicanus (if valid) would be among the American white pelican. The Dalmatian pelican has been considered a subspecies of the Spot-billed, even if it is different in both morphology and nesting habits, now accepted as a separate species. Pelicans very large birds with long curved bills with a hook at the end of the jaw and attaching a large throat pouch at the bottom. The males are larger than females and usually have long bills. The Australian pelican, the account can be up to 0.5 m (1.6 ft) long, great men, the longest of any bird.

Pelicans mainly bright plumage, exceptions are brown pelicans and Peruvian. Calculations bag and skin bare face of all types of light before the breeding season begins. The pocket of the groove of the subspecies of California brown pelican is bright red, yellow and faded after spawning, and the bag throat Peruvian Pelican is blue. The American White Pelican is a button on the first floor of his bill, which is paid once the females laid eggs. The immature plumage pelican is darker than adults.

Modern pelicans are found on all continents except Antarctica. Living mainly in warmer regions, but the breeding range in latitude 45 ° south (Australian pelicans Tasmania) and 60 ° North (American White Pelicans in Western Canada) extend. Birds of inland and coastal waters, are absent in the polar regions, the deep ocean, oceanic islands (except for the Galapagos Islands), and the interior of South America and the east coast of South America mouth of the Amazon to the south.
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What a fascinating bird! God's work is truly remarkable and its so wondrous to see the beak of this creature. Its like it contains a container within it lol

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