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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Barracuda | Barracudas are elongated fish, pike, similar in appearance, with a large sharp tooth-like teeth, just like piranha, all different sizes in the greenhouses of their large jaws. They have large heads with a sharp bite in many species. Their gill covers have spines and are covered with small scales. The two dorsal fins are widely separated by the leading fin with five spines, the spine fin having a backbone and nine soft rays. The posterior dorsal fin is as large as the anal fin is located above it. The pectoral fins are placed low on the sides. Their swim bladder is large.

Barracuda live mainly in the oceans, but some species like the Great Barracuda live in brackish water. Some species grow quite large, such as the European barracuda, barracouta or SPET (S. Sphyraena), located in the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific barracuda, or Picuda becuna (S. Picuda), ranging along the Atlantic coast of tropical America from North Carolina to Brazil and to reach Bermuda. Other species of barracudas are found all over the world. Examples include the California Barracuda (S. argentea), extending from Puget Sound to the south of Cabo San Lucas, the Indian barracuda (S. jello) and the black-finned or Commerson's barracuda (S. commersoni) from the seas of 'India and the Malay Peninsula and Archipelago.

Barracuda are voracious, opportunistic predators rely on surprise and short bursts of speed (up to 27 mph (43 km / h)) to overcome their prey. Barracuda hunt mainly on fish (some as big as themselves). They kill and consume larger prey to tear pieces of meat. Like sharks, barracudas, some species are known to be dangerous for swimmers. Barracuda may confuse things that sparkle and shine of the prey. Hand Feeding or tap large barracuda generally be avoided.  Barracuda are popular, both as food and game fish. Larger species, such as the Great Barracuda, are involved in cases of food poisoning from ciguatera.

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