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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Baboon | All baboons have long dog like muzzles, heavy, powerful jaws with sharp canine teeth, close-set eyes, thick fur except on their muzzle, short tail and rough spots on the buttocks protruding, called ischial callosities. In all species of baboon is pronounced sexual dimorphism, usually in size, but also sometimes in color or canine development. Hamadryas baboons species males also have a large white mane. The large males are often faced with flashing eyes, grinning, yawning, making gestures, and chase the intruder / predator.

Most baboons live in hierarchical troops. Structure within the troop varies considerably between Hamadryas Baboons and the remaining species, sometimes collectively referred to as savanna baboons. Hamadryas baboons are often in large groups composed of several smaller harems (one male with four or two females), in which women are recruited from other parts of the troop, while still too young to reproduce. Other species of baboon have a more promiscuous structure with a strict dominance hierarchy based on the maternal line. Hamadryas baboon group typically include a young man, but will not attempt to mate with females unless the older male is removed.

Baboons can determine from vocal exchanges that dominance relationships are between individuals. When a confrontation occurs between different families or when a lower-ranking baboon takes the offensive, baboons show more interest in the exchange that trade between members of a family or a baboon takes the offensive when older. The collective noun for baboons is commonly troop. Hamadryas baboons harem of men jealously guard their wives, to the point of seizing and biting women when they wander too far. Despite this, some men plundered the harem of women. Visual threats are usually accompanied by these aggressive fights.

In many species, baboons children are taken hostage by men during the fighting. Baboon mating behavior varies greatly depending on the social structure of the troop. In mixed groups of savanna baboons, each male can mate with a female. The order of mating in males depends in part on their social rank and fights between males are not unusual. To meet this friendship can help groom the female, help care for her children, or child support. The risk is great that these young people are their offspring. Some women clearly prefer such friendly males as mates. The young baboon weighs approximately one kilogram and has a black skin, she was born.Baboon males leave their birth group, usually before they reach sexual maturity, while females are philopatric and remain in the same group for life.

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