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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Bison | The Wisent European and American bison are the largest land animals in North America and Europe. Bison are nomadic grazers and travel in herds. The bulls leave the herds of females in 2 or 3 years old and men to participate in a herd, usually smaller than the herds of females. Older bulls rarely travels alone. American bison are known to live in the Great Plains. The North American plains bison is no longer listed as threatened, but the wood bison is listed as an endangered species in Canada.

The American species has 15 ribs, while the European bison is 14. The American bison has four lumbar vertebrae, while the European has five adult American bison are not as slim built and have shorter legs American bison tend to graze more and less than their European cousins to watch. His anatomy reflect this difference in behavior, head of the American bison is closer to Earth than the European. American bison are more easily tamed than their European cousins, and breed with domestic cattle easier. Revolve is a common behavior of bison.

Bison roll in these depressions, which with mud or dust. Possible explanations suggested for wallowing behavior include providing behavior associated with moulting, the male-male interaction (typically rutting behavior), social behavior for group cohesion, play behavior, relief from skin irritation due to biting insects, reducing the burden of ectoparasites (ticks and lice) and thermoregulation. In the process of wading, bison may be infected with deadly disease anthrax, which can occur naturally in the bison Schie temperament is often unpredictable.

The herd has a very restless during breeding season. The animals are aggressive, unpredictable and dangerous Bison is a very simple diet. Bison also eat low-lying shrubs available. In winter, bison forage in the snow looking for grass. If there is little grass available, bison have to resort to eating the branches of shrubs. Due to its large size, few predators attack bison. However, the wolf packs into a bison.

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