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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Skunk | Skunk species ranging in size from approximately 15.6 to 37 inches (40-94 cm) and weighs about 1.1 pounds (0.50 kg) (spotted skunks) to 18 pounds (8.2 kg) ( Hog nose skunks). They have a moderately elongated body with relatively short, muscular legs, and long front claws for digging. All skunks are striped, even from birth. They may have a single thick band on the back and tail, two thin strips, or a series of white spots and broken stripes (in the case of the spotted skunk). Skunks are omnivorous, eating the plant and animal material and changing their diet with the seasons. They eat insects and larvae, earthworms and grubs, small rodents, lizards, salamanders, frogs, snakes, birds, moles, and eggs.

In residential areas, skunks also seek human garbage. Less often, skunks may be found acting as scavengers, eating bird and rodent carcasses left by cats or other animals. Owners of animals, especially cats, may experience a skunk finding its way into a garage or basement where pet food is kept. Skunks commonly dig holes in lawns looking for worms and worms. The skunk stripe on the front of the beehive and eats the guard bees that come to study. Mother skunks are known to teach their children. Skunks are not hibernating in winter, but it's den for long periods of time. Wintering females more (twelve) gather, men often den alone.

At birth, skunk kits are blind, deaf, and covered with a layer of soft fur. The male plays no role in the growth of the young can kill The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported 1,494 cases of rabies in skunks in the United States in 2006 approximately 21.5% of cases reported in all species. Skunks, raccoons hanging as vectors of rabies, although this varies regionally (raccoons dominate along the Atlantic coast and the eastern Gulf of Mexico, skunks throughout the Midwest and down Gulf and Western, and California).

Mephitis mephitis, striped skunk species, the skunk is more social and generally domesticated. When a skunk is kept as a pet, its scent glands are removed surgically. The lifespan of typical domestic skunks are longer than wild skunks Domestic skunks can legally as pets in the UK.

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