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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Zebroid | Donkeys and wild horses have different numbers of chromosomes. The donkey has 62 chromosomes, zebra is 32-46 (depending on the species). Despite this difference, viable hybrids is possible if the gene in the hybrid combination allows embryonic development to birth. Chromosome difference makes female hybrids poorly fertile and male sterile hybrids usually due to a phenomenon called Haldane's rule.  Common wisdom states that hybrids occur only if a zebra has a father, but the Barbados hybrid demonstrates otherwise.

Zebroids physically resemble their parents nonzebra, but striped like a zebra. An alternative name golden zebra relates to the interaction of zebra striping and horses on the bay or chestnut, zebra-like black on the bay or black-on-chestnut pattern that superficially resembles Quagga type. In zebra ass hybrids, there is usually a dorsal (back) stripe and a ventral (belly) stripe. Zorses combine invoice zebra hybrid color space of the shell.

Only domains nondepigmented striped markings that have Zorse with white spots and stripes patch. This effect zebroid Eclyse (instead of the algebra Zorse) in Stukenbrock, Germany, was born in 2007 in order to see a zebra a horse called Eclipse, and a stallion called Ulysses. Zebras that wild animals, not as pets, horses and donkeys, wild animals on their property to their descendants to pass a zebra, while usually not very big, very strong and aggressive. As a result, female hybrid which resembled both parents. Ewart crossed a zebra stallion with pony mares, theory, or paternal impression Telegonia investigation. In the Origin of Species (1859), also known as Charles Darwin, the four colored drawings of hybrids donkey and zebra.

Zebras are resistant to sleeping sickness, while the thoroughbred horses and ponies there, and he hopes that the zebra mules would inherit this resistance. 1970s, interest in the zebra crosses. Usually a zebra stallion is a horse or donkey horse mare bred, but in 2005, Burchell's zebra named Allison produced Zonkey named Alex donkey at Highland plantation in the parish of St. Thomas, Barbados father. In 2007, the stallion, Ulysses, and zebra mare, Eclipse, the production is zebroid Eclyse and shows an unusually uneven in color.  Zorses have been published in books.

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