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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Gibbon | A unique aspect of gibbon anatomy of the doll is a ball joint is mounted, so that the biaxial movement. Sometimes, when a change in Gibbon, wrist naturally dislocate until the gibbon finishes his swing. Gibbons also long hands and feet, with a deep cleft between the first and second digits of their hands. With white spots on the hands, feet and face the male gibbon sometimes end up with some dark spots that appear white, is a suitable choice for mating. Gibbons are social animals. The ball joints and ball may Gibbons unprecedented speed and accuracy when swinging through the trees.

The sinologist Robert van Gulik completed Gibbons widespread in central and southern China, at least until the Song Dynasty, and also in the analysis of records on the basis of references in the literature of China and its representation in Chinese painting, called the word Yuan Chinese (猿) specifically for gibbons until most of the country due to habitat destruction (about 14th century) eradicated. The first Chinese writers considered the "noble" gibbons, gracefully moving high in the treetops, such as "teachers" (jūnzǐ, 君子) forest, dressed unlike macaques on Food greedy. Taoists ascribed occult properties Gibbons, who believe they can live for hundreds of years and as human beings.

Gibbons later became a popular subject for Chinese painters, especially during the Song Dynasty and the early Yuan dynasty, when yi Yuanji Muqi Fǎcháng and excelled in painting these apes. Chinese cultural influence, why Zen "gibbon capture the reflection of the moon on the water" in Japanese art was popular, even though there were no gibbons course in Japan. 

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