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Red Uakari


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Red Uakari | Bald Uakari weighs 2.75 to 3.45 kg (6.1 and 7.6 lbs), with a head and body length of the average 45.6 cm (18.0 inch) (male) and 44.0 cm (17 inch 3) () woman. In general, the bare Uakari has a long shaggy coat of white in the color red, and his head is bald. The tree quickly Uakari preferred seasonally flooded forests in the Amazon have been established in the country of Peru and Brazil. It is important that the Uakari arboreal (living in trees) as a result of the flooding of the forests and the water rises to a great height during the rainy season. A study of the diet of Uakari found seeds, fruits 67% 18% 6%, flowers, 5% animal prey, and there are buttons. His strong jaw forms a lower peak open Uakari username dental hard surfaces of unripe fruits and nuts to eat as most other primates are not able to open. It is the general behavior of female primates also philo patrician female philopatry uakaries be extrapolated. This means that men leave their natal group.

Skin bright red face is a sign of good health and allows the determination of a companion in good health. Desired no natural immunity against malaria The conservation status of this species has changed from near threatened vulnerable in the 2008 World Conservation Union (IUCN) Red List species as a result of at least 30% over the past 30 years (three generations) decreased hunting and loss of habitat. Forest loss and hunting are the two biggest threats to Uakari bald. In 1997 the Amazon was the strongest rate of deforestation of tropical forests left in the world. Hardwood logging is an important contribution to the general destruction that verbose logging of the continuity of the treetops destroys. Canopy disturbances and forest loss directly affect uakaris for their lives in trees and adjustments for food seed eaters. Additionally Cacajao calvus populations are near the Amazon to a greater risk to human hunting primates such as canoes and a source of food or bait.

In Germany, Great Britain and other major industrial communities to establish programs for the Amazon Conservation efforts are also supported by the representatives of the Wildlife Conservation Society, which began in South America to retain. Affiliate Program Amazon Andes Conservation (APAC) was founded in 2003 to a series of seven landscapes of Amazonia to protect. 

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