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The Mekong Giant Catfish


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | The Mekong Giant Catfish | The Mekong giant catfish is perhaps the most interesting species and endangered species in the Mekong River. For this reason, conservationists encourage conservation "key" of the Mekong to select a type of species. Size up to 10.5 feet (3.2 m) and 660 pounds (300 kg), Mekong giant catfish, the world's largest freshwater fish Guinness World Records has been added to the site. Historically, Yunnan province of China, covering the whole of 4800, the northern part of Vietnam, the lower Mekong River (river mouth in tidally influenced brackish water), accessible from the area's natural fish - km long River. Upstream migration and spawning fish congregate during the beginning of the rainy season. the past, fishermen Mekong, reported today that its tributaries are some fish, but not necessarily outside of reported sightings in the area of the Tonle Sap and Mekong River Channel

The lower half of the Mekong River, Alaska, from fishing for catfish, and the PRC as a result of the development and the dam is threatened with extinction due to a decline in water quality. Fishing in the Mekong giant catfish in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia are illegal forest area, but the ban was ineffective, all three countries are still caught fish. However, the risk of species identification, Bhumibol Adulyadej catfish about 60 Thai fishermen ascension to the throne of the 60th anniversary of the flag of Thailand, in June 2006 agreed to stop threatening catch. The Mekong giant catfish fishing in Thailand is the only country that provides private collection. Fishponds, 140 kg, like Bung Sam, Ryan species Bangkok. However, some companies specialize in big fish to have normal size was reduced to 18 kg.

Race species should reach 50 to 70 kg, and unfortunately is not creating ponds. Fisheries Department to develop a program created to offset the Mekong River in Thailand. However, it now remains to be seen spawning fish. After the release of the Thai authorities Fishing took the fish eggs as part of a breeding program, but the fish died in captivity and was sold as food to local villagers.
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