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Thomson Gazelle


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Thomson Gazelle | Thomson's gazelles are 50 to 70 cm (20-28 inches) tall and weigh 15-25 kg (33-55 lb) (women), 20 to 30 kg (44-66 lb) (male). Grant's gazelles are sometimes confused with Thomson's gazelle. It has narrow habitat preferences, rather dry meadows solid foundation. However, in the high meadows and dense forests are migrating gazelles mixed feeders. In the rainy season, which feed mainly on grasses, but during the dry season, eat more of navigation, especially the foliage of shrubs, grasses and clover. Thomson's Gazelle on the grass. Then spread more gazelles. In nature, Thomson's gazelle live 10-15 years. Thomson gazelles significant behavior is its jump jumping, or pronking stotting used to startle predators and display strength known.

During the rainy season, when the grass is plentiful, adult male gazelles graze. They spread more established territories younger male players usually spend their time in bachelor groups and can not participate in the territories. Women's groups migratory enter the territories of men, especially those with high-quality resources. When women's groups can feed smoothly and groping territorial males breeding and are generally able to prevent women from individuals, but not all groups. If a man passing through the territory of a territorial male, the male chases the offender in its territory Males also mark grass with their preorbital glands that emit a dark secretion. Territories of several males may share a border. Territorial males usually do not enter the territory of another man. If a man chasing a woman escape, which keeps the game, if you encounter a different area, but the male follows the hunt continues. A male gazelle smelling the urine of a woman to see if she is in heat, a process known as Flehmen response. If birth is a female mortician baby gazelle fawn ground, breaking the umbilical cord. Then the mother licks the fawn own amniotic fluid and tissues.

The mother remains near Fawn and a nurse every day. Mother fawn and can take an hour to spend together before fawn and went to bed to wait for the next lactation. Mother Gazelles gazelle fawns with other mothers may be related, but not together in "kindergartens.Mothers defend their young against jackals and baboons come not against large predators. Sometimes a woman running a male baboon horns to defend her fawn header. When the animal is about two months old, spends more time with her mother and hid less time. Finally stop hiding. During this period, the fawn begins to eat solid foods, but the mother continues breastfeeding. Girls may gazelles with their mothers yearling young men can also connect to their mothers, but when they grow up, they will be seen by territorial males can not follow their mothers in the occupied territories.   

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