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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Wildebeest | The wildebeest is the larger of the two species. In men are wildebeest 150 cm at the withers and weighs about 250 kg, while the wildebeest is 111-120 cm long and weighs about 180 kg. When women have wildebeest shoulder height of 135 cm and weighs 180 kg, while the wildebeests are women 108 cm at the withers and weighs 155 kg. Blue wildebeest tend to be a dark gray stripes, but maybe a light blue. The wildebeest has brown hair, with a mane color ranges from cream to black, and cream-colored tail. The wildebeest lives in a variety of habitats, including forests and meadows, while the wildebeest tends exclusively in open grassland areasThe wildebeest long distances to migrate in winter, during the wildebeest contains n The milk of female wildebeest more protein, less fat and lactose in breast milk seems wildebeest wildebeest are known for their annual long-distance migration to coincide with the annual pattern of rainfall and grass growth. At the end of the rainy season (May or June in East Africa), wildebeest migrate in the dry season, in response to the lack of surface water (drinking water). When the rainy season (months later) starts, the animals quickly enough back to their rainy season.

As a result, during the rainy season wildebeest, choose grass extremely high levels of phosphorus. A study has been found in addition to phosphorus, wildebeest select herbs varies with a relatively high content of nitrogen. Massive wildebeest migration is likely the result of the decisions of individuals at different spatial scales, with a balance of food supply, the food, the local density of wildebeest other social interactions, the surface, the risk of looting and cultural experience (or genetic) Courses and scope. Numerous documentaries feature wildebeest crossing rivers, with many who. The main predators feed on wildebeest the lions, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards and crocodiles, which are reminiscent of the gnu promotion. Wildebeest are very strong and can cause considerable damage, including a lion. The primary defensive tactic is pastor, where young animals are protected from the oldest, largest, while the herd runs as a group. Wildebeest more sophisticated cooperative behaviors, such as animals sleep, alternately while.

wildebeest migration is closely followed by vultures, as wildebeest carcasses are an important source of food for these scavengers. The vultures consume about 70% of the channels wildebeests. Decrease in the number of migrating wildebeest have a negative effect on vultures. In the Serengeti, Tanzania facilitate, the wildebeest migration from other herbivores, smaller than the body, such as Thomson's gazelle (Eudorcas thomsonii), stimulates the growth of new grass by the ingestion of food wildebeest. Zebra and wildebeest group. Wildebeest can also listen to the alarm calls of other species, and thus may reduce the risk of predation. In one study, along with other ungulates, wildebeests responded more baboon alarm calls compared to the baboon contest calls, even though both types of calls have a similar pattern, amplitudes and durations.  The wildebeest rut mating season when males establish temporary territories and try to attract females.

Men seduce women in their territories with grunts and gestures details. Wildebeest usually breed at the end of the rainy season, when the animals are most suitable. Wildebeest breeding season and females ovulate spontaneously. Groups of wildebeest females and young live in small areas affected by the male. If together groups of wildebeest, the relationship between men and women is greater when the females reach areas in the hands of a few men. Higher male mortality in poaching due. Because of their captivity in small areas in South Africa, the two species of wildebeest, wildebeest and blue cross what young fertile hybrid. Wildebeest, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people, many parts of eastern and southern Africa, which is an examination of the local efforts and for the conservation and management of these animals. There are many wildebeest rapid decline of the population. Wildebeest migration in the Serengeti and Tarangire ecosystem, Tanzania, are threatened by the construction of a road through the northern regions. In the Ngorongoro Crater, Masai Mara, Lake Manyara National Park, Selous Game Reserve, and Hwange National Park and Esotha
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