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Carolina Wren


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Carolina Wren | The upper parts are reddish-brown, belly, and a strong fan of orange, generally low without affecting the sides of the south-western region locked. The head bears a striking pure white eyebrow (eyebrow) and a whitish throat. The race albinucha dull brown above and white stripes on the head extra. The simplest is the Little Wren Swan, a very close relative, the difference smaller, but with a long tail, gray-brown above and white below confusion. Carolina Wrens and White-browed Wren House differ largest, with a pronounced beak and long hind toe, their culmen a notch off the pace. The wren is known for its strong, popularly known as "the pot of Tea" found. A bird sings several songs in general. Only male birds sing their song box. The figures vary by region, with the birds singing in the northern regions is slower than in the south. The wren is sensitive to cold. Why do not migrate significantly and stay in an area north of the Carolina Wren population decline after harsh winters.

Population in Canada and the northern half of frequent accidents after the harsh winters American experience, but their high agricultural productivity leads to a rapid return to a larger number. In winter, occasionally eat seeds, berries and other small fruits. These birds prefer areas with dense undergrowth, or in mixed forests and wooded suburban setting in a natural or artificial cave. The nest is a bulky structure often hexagonal, with a small hole at the end. The eggs are oval, gray-white, freckled reddish-brown. The chicks are born naked and blind, and parents' nest hanging. Male and female feed the young. Do not play for a short period after hatching, the young leave in a warm, lined nest low while the adults in search of food. 

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