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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Beaver | Beavers are known for their natural damming of rivers and streams, and building their homes (known as "lodges") in the resulting pond. Beavers also build canals to float building materials, which are difficult to bring to the Earth. In the absence of existing ponds, beaver dams have to build before the construction of their homes. This serves as a warning to beavers in the area. Once a beaver has started the "near Beaver diving alarm and can not be slow for some time. Beaver on land, but are good swimmers and can stay as long as 15 minutes under water. Beavers are herbivores and prefer cottonwood, poplar, willow, alder, birch, maple and cherry. They also eat sedges, pondweed, and water lilies This insulation of snow often keeps the water from freezing in and around the food stack and provides a place where beavers breathes outside of her house. Fossil remains of beavers in the peat and other superficial deposits of Great Britain and continental Europe, while found in the Pleistocene formations of Great Britain and Siberia, the remains of a giant extinct beaver Trogontherium cuvieri, which is a genre in itself. Beavers have webbed rear, and a broad scaly tail. The teeth of a beaver continuously, making it grow is not borne by chewing on wood. Beavers continue to grow throughout their lives. Beavers live up to 24 years in the wild.

Genetic studies have shown its European and North American beaver populations of different species and that hybridization is unlikely. Beavers are closely related to squirrels (Sciuridae), agreeing in certain structural peculiarities of the lower jaw and skull. Eurasian beavers tend to be a bit bigger, with large heads, less rounded, muzzles narrower, thinner, shorter and easier to narrow down, less oval and shorter tails tibia, which makes it less capable of getting around on two legs of species in North America . Eurasian beavers have longer nasal bones. The foramen magnum in the beaver and rounded triangular North America. The anal glands of the beaver are larger and thin-walled, with a large internal volume of races in North America. Finally, the awns of the beavers have a hollow bone, her toes. Overall, 66% of Eurasian beavers have pale brown or beige fur, 20% are reddish brown, nearly 8% brown and only 4% have blackish coats. Beavers in North America, 50% have light brown fur, 25% are reddish-brown, are 20% and 6% are blackish brown.

North American beavers have 40 chromosomes, while Eurasian beavers have the 48th In addition, more than 27 studies have been made in Russia, the two species hybridize, with a choice between a man and the North American beaver female European what a stillborn kit. The habitat of the beaver is the riparian zone, including the bed of the river. The beaver works as a keystone species of the ecosystem by creating wetlands that are used by many other species. Beavers fell trees for several reasons. Fell large trees. Mostly in strategic positions to form the base of a dam, but European beavers rather small diameter (<10 cm), using trees for this purpose Beavers fell trees with small dimensions, especially the young second-trees, for food. Ponds created by beavers can also kill some tree species by drowning but this creates dead wood, which is very important for a wide range of animals and plants. The basic unit of social organization beaver families consisting of an adult male and adult female in a monogamous pair and their kits and yearlings. Beaver families can have up to ten members, in addition to the monogamous couple. Beaver pairs mate for life, but if a beaver companion dies, he will be with another. Beavers Young people spend most of their time playing, but also copy their parents' behavior. But while the dynamic signature imitated in life helps young beaver, not necessarily immediately for parents than young beavers to the tasks and parents.

Old offspring that are almost two years old may live in families and help their parents. In addition to helping build food caches and repairing the dam will contribute two years also help to nourish, maintain and protect the younger children. When beavers leave their birth country to pay is usually not much. Related beavers share more features of their anal gland secretion profile independent beaver. The ability to recognize the family is important for beaver social behavior and causes more tolerant behavior beavers neighbors. Both beaver testicles and castoreum, a bitter taste secretion with a slightly fetid odor in sacks of castor beaver male or female, were articles of trade for use in traditional medicine. Yupik (Eskimo) medicine used dried beaver testicles like willow bark to relieve the pain. Dried beaver testicles have also been used as a contraceptive. Claude Comic Aelian describes beavers chew their testicles around. Many were the early European exploration and trade of Canada Founded in search of beaver.
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