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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Aye-Aye | Aye-aye is the binomial name Daubentonia madagascariensis, honors the French naturalist Louis-Jean-Marie Daubenton and the island on which it stands Madagascar. Some of Madagascar, aye-aye is an imitation of the "Hay Hay" voice complaints. This is probably the European acceptance of this name as its generic name is derived. However, the Aye-aye, which makes no vocalizations. Due to their morphological differentiation Aye-aye has been debated since its discovery. Possession is constantly growing incisors (front teeth), parallel to rodents. Aye-Aye classification in order of primates is also uncertain. In 1931, Antonio and Coupin ranked Aye-aye under infraorder Chiromyiformes, the sister group of other strepsirrhines. Colin Groves upheld this classification in 2005, because it was not entirely convinced that the Aye-aye formed a tribe with the rest of lemur in Madagascar, despite molecular tests that showed Lemuriformes basic Daubentoniidae all derived lemur ancestor that rafted to Madagascar and Paleocene Eocene.

Aye-aye lemur are similar to their hind legs shorter. Aye-aye commonly her animal matter, nuts, insect larvae, fruits, nectar, seeds, and fungi, which are described as omnivores. Aye-ayes are particularly fond cerambycid beetles. Aye-aye is not in nature often steal coconuts, mangoes, lychees, cane sugar, and eggs from villages and plantations. Aye-aye begins hunt for somewhere between 30 minutes before and three hours after sunset. climb trees consecutive vertical jumps, like a squirrel. Aye-aye is classically as "lonely" because they tend to be seen. Female domestic fields never overlap, although wide home small man with several females. The male Aye-Aye live in large areas up to 80 acres (320.000 m2), while females are smaller spaces, with a maximum of 20 acres (81.000 m2). Scent marking is regularly face and neck is like the Aye-aye let others know of their presence and repel intruders from their territory. Like many other prosimians, the female Aye-aye is dominant in humans.

Man Aye-aye is very assertive in this way, and sometimes other men away from the females during mating. Aye-aye is considered the only primate that uses echolocation to detect prey. Aye-aye lives primarily on the east coast of Madagascar. Rainforest Aye-aye, the most common, dwell in canopy areas, and are usually observed more than 700 meters. This center has been very influential in keeping, research and breeding Aye-Ayes and other lemurs. You must comply with several teams of lemurs in Madagascar and has since created group play lemurs. In particular, they were responsible for the first aye-aye in captivity, Blue Devil, and examined how he and other children Aye-aye develop middle-born children. They have also revolutionized our understanding of the Aye-Aye diet. 

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