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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Gelada | Gelada big and strong. It is covered with dark brown suede, thick hair and a dark complexion and dark eyes. Adult males have long, thick hair on the back. Gelada has a smooth face with a short muzzle, which is closer to chimpanzees, baboons. Male bright red, surrounded by white hair in women is much less pronounced. Geladas also well developed ischial callosities. No sexual dimorphism in this species males average 18.5 kg (40.8 lb), and females less, on average, 11 kg (24.3 lbs). Gelada has several adaptations for terrestrial herbivores (plant-eating) lifestyle. Geladas are the only primates that are mostly herbivores and grass-herbivore 90% of their diet. They eat leaves and grass seed. When both leaves and seeds are available geladas prefer seeds. Given herbs, plants, berries, grapes, bushes and brambles. During the dry season, herbs and aromatic plants use less preferable. Geladas consume food ungulates than primates, and can chew as efficiently as zebra. Geladas, primarily diurnal. At night, they sleep on rock ledges.

When it ends tomorrow, social activities tend to decrease, and focused mainly geladas search of food. When night falls, geladas more social activities before going to bed rock Geladas live in a society as complex as multi-Hamadryas baboon. Small groups are the basic units and livestock, which consist of one to 12 females and young males of 1-4, and the unity of all people, which consist of two to 15 people. The next level of gelada society groups, which consist of two blocks of 27 livestock units and more than men. Herd consists of 60 units, which are sometimes different breeding groups, and last for short periods of time. Gelada can generally live for about 20 years.

Breeding units, women tend to be closely linked and have strong social ties. Reproduction of separate units, if they become too large. While women have strong social ties within the group, a woman interacting with a maximum of three other members of his unit. Care and other social interactions between women usually occurs between peers. Women in the reproductive units exist in the hierarchy. Older women have more reproductive success and more children than women of low rank. Closely related, women tend to have the same level in the hierarchy. Women remain in their natal units for life, cases of women who leave often. Aggression is rare in the breeding unit, which focuses primarily for the members of other departments. Most often, women start conflicts, but the men and women of both parties will join if the escalation of the conflict. Furthermore, aggression in the reproduction apparatus, usually between women.

Men can stay in the breeding unit of four or five years. Geladas Although traditionally considered the transfer of a society dominated by men, many men, it seems, tend to save and play to their home team. However, the males leave their home unit Gelada and try to take control of their units. Women in the group as a whole may have authority over a man. When a new male tries to make a turn and reverse resident males, women can choose for or against him. Women take a man who seems to be behind the wheel. Not all women are able to interact with people. Most men of all units consists of several sub-adults and young adults, led by a man. All male group, tend to be aggressive with two reading units and other units of all people. As units of reproduction, aggression, all men are the rare ones. As a group, tribal units are common in a wide house. Season, women show more people stand up and, wagging his tail to the side. a man approaches and examines the female breasts and genitals. Newborns have a red face and closed eyes and black hair covered. The average weight of 464 infants, women who have just given birth to stay on the periphery of the group reproduction. Other adult females may be interested in the children and even kidnapping. In cattle, the young people and children can play together in groups of about 10 people. When people reach puberty, unstable groups meet in separate units of education. Females reach sexual maturity at about three years, but not the birth year. Women are also called signaling their eagerness. Geladas whether gestures, too.
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