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Spider Monkey


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Spider Monkey | Spider monkeys are free groups 15-25 animals. During the day, the groups are divided into groups of two to eight animals. Much less frequently in primates, distribute women rather than men during puberty, to join the new group. Strong social bonds between women and their young offspring formed. Spider monkeys communicate their intentions and observations using postures and positions, attitudes  and sexual receptivity and attack. When a man approaches a spider monkey, barking like a dog looks like. Monkeys can affect permanent and make noise. Adult males and females sometimes menacing growl approach humans. If the pursuer continues to advance, the monkeys often break branches from living or dead trees, up to 4 kg and fall back to the intruder. The monkeys also defecate and urinate on the intruder. Spider monkeys are diurnal and spend the night sleeping in carefully selected trees. The group believes size women to be considered for route planning effective supply every day.

Spider monkeys have been observed avoiding the upper canopy of trees to move. One of the researchers hypothesized that this was because the thin branches of trees are not compatible with the monkeys At 107 g spider's brain is twice as large as the size of the howler monkey brain equivalent body, probably due to a complex social system of spider monkeys and frugivorous diet, which is essentially a ripe fruit range (over 150 species) plants. Spider monkeys diet consists of about 90% fruit and nuts. Studies show spider monkeys diet changes their reproductive, social and physical behavior. Spider monkeys have a unique way of food: a female hero is usually responsible for finding food sources. If you can not find enough food for the group, which is divided into smaller groups that are driven separately. Groups of 8-56 animals. If the group is large, it extends. The woman chooses men matching the group. Men and women wear eye on their colleagues "anogenital sniffing" to prepare for a relationship.

Tail wrapped around the child and his mother stopped her tribe. Mothers are very protective of their young and mothers are generally cautious. Mothers and newlyweds. Spider monkeys are found in many aspects of Central American cultures. In the Aztec calendar of 260 days, the spider (Nahua Ozomatli) is the name of 11 in the Mayan calendar, the corresponding howler monkeys (Batz) is replaced by a spider.
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