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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Buffalo | Buffalo River The skin is black, but some specimens of the skin, the color of dark slate. Swamp buffalo have gray skin at birth but are slate blue late. Albinoids are available in some populations. Faces Buffalo River have relatively long legs and little swamp buffalo circumference. The dorsal fin extends sharper and more gradual. Horns pushing down and backwards, and then curves upward spiral. Swamp buffalo are heavy and robust body, the body is short and thick belly. The forehead is flat, protruding eyes, short broad muzzle face. Withers is 129-133 cm (51-52 inches) for males and 120-127 cm (47-50 inches) for women. The swamp buffalo has 48 chromosomes, the buffalo has 50 chromosomes. Buffalo hybrid cattle has not been observed to occur, and these hybrid embryos not reach maturity in the laboratory.

The body of water buffalo has important differences with other ruminants. Contains a large number of bacteria, especially cellulolytic bacteria, protozoa, fungi and under high zoospores. Buffalo River prefer deep water. Prefer swamp buffalo wallowing in a swamp with horns. Water availability is critical in hot climates, but delight, splashing rivers or the need to reduce the heat load and thermal stress.

The water buffalo grows in many submerged aquatic plants and grazing full time, raised his head out of the water and the carrying value of edible plants. They feed on reeds, a reed quassab, Birdi, a kind of hurry Kaulan, water hyacinth and the marsh grasses. Many food plants received as hay, chopped or pulp. Citrus pulp and pineapple waste was fed bison safely. Egypt, dates are sufficient dry buffaloes fed up to 25% of a mixture of standard milk production. Swamp buffalo are slow to reach the River race usually of childbearing age. Heat stress reduces libido. Buffalo show a clear seasonal change in the heat of the screen, the conception rate and fertility rate. Swamp buffalo carry their young for one or two weeks of the Buffalo River. Water buffalo have been domesticated in India around 5,000 years ago in China about 4000 years. Two types are recognized, based on morphological criteria and the behavior of the bison and the Indian subcontinent to the west towards the Balkans and Italy, swamp buffalo of Assam, west through Southeast Asia in the Yangtze River valley in eastern China.

The day the buffalo is the result of complex processes of domestication, more maternal line and a large maternal gene flow from wild populations after initial domestication events. There are 22 known species of the type Buffalo River water between Murrah, Nili-Ravi, Surti, Jafarabadi, Anatolia and Egypt. China has a great diversity of genetic resources in Buffalo. Each region has different types of buffalo races known 16 local swamp buffalo.
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