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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Arapaima | A. gigas is the only species of arapaima generally accepted. Other species are A. Background arapaima of Guyana and A. EMap northeastern Brazil. The maximum weight of the town of species is 200 kg (440 lbs). As one of the most sought after food fish species in South America, who are mainly by handheld nets often caught for export, by spearfishing for local consumption and, consequently, large arapaima world sought 2 m are seldom found in nature today. It is an adaptation to hypoxia often Amazonian floodplains, but requires arapaima surface air every 5 or 15 minutes. The arapaima commercial fishing has been banned by the Brazilian government to commercial extinction. Fishing is allowed only in some remote areas of the Amazon basin, and the water must, or harvesting of indigenous peoples be returned for consumption. Because the arapaima produces "large fillets, fish without bones", is a delicacy, and took about 7,000 tons per year from 1918 to 1924, the height of his commercial fishing.

The demand for the arapaima has agriculture "ribeirinhos" (as Brazilians living on the banks of the river name) The speed of the arapaima consists of fish, crustaceans and even small land animals walking near the coast led. The fish is a breather, with its labyrinth organ, which is rich in blood vessels and opens into the fish's mouth, an advantage in oxygen-free water, which is often found in the Amazon. This fish is capable of surviving in standing water with dissolved oxygen of 0.5 ppm. Due to the geographical distribution of arapaima inhabit, the animal's life cycle is greatly influenced by seasonal flooding occurs. The arapaima lays its eggs during the months when the water level is low, or start rising is. The female arapaima helps to protect man and the woman with a circle and ward off potential predators. Arapaima are caught harpoon or in large networks, and the meat is to be delicious. Since the arapaima needs to swim to breathe air, traditional arapaima fishermen often take the first harpoon then dead nightclubs.

The arapaima has also introduced for fishing in Thailand and Malaysia. Fishing for this species in Thailand can landed in several lakes, which often sees arapaima over 150 kg, and made release. The fish has a large blood vessel that runs down the back and lift the fish can snatch them out of the water for trophy shots and cause death of the ship. Arapaima are also known to jump out of the water if you feel compelled their environment or harassment. It is also considered an aquarium fish, although of course it requires a large tank and ample resources. Dried and mixed with guarana bark, ground and mixed with water. In July 2009, some reported villagers living around Lake Kenyir in Terengganu, Malaysia, the observation of Arapaima gigas.
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