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Eastern Coral Snake


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Eastern Coral Snake | Reported usually less than 80 cm (31 inches) in length, the maximum length of 121.8 cm (48.0 inches) for a sample of Florida was (Niell, 1958) and 129.5 cm (51.0 in.) (Roze, 1996). Males have a longer tail than females, but females reach a greater length. The dorsal scales are smooth in 15 lines. The ventral scales number 197-217 in males and 219-233 females. Red and black rings of width separated by narrow yellow rings: The staining pattern is formed by a series of rings around the body. The red rings are usually speckled with black. People who often live in their natural habitat of a popular lullaby that children taught "black keys red, friend of Jack, red, yellow, hit, kill another." The rhyme is useful for the education of children, king snakes (Lampropeltis ssp.) Fulvio occurs in Montana and mesophilic tropical networks in Florida, as well as clearing, tall pines, oaks and scrub Network Live Oak, Slash pine flatwoods and Wiregrass.

Bites and death are very rare. The last death occurred due to the eastern coral snake in 2009, the victim was not bitten to appropriate medical care and died a few hours later, becoming the first death caused by Fulvio more than 40 years. Fulvio excluded many cases of snake bites in the United States, with only about 100 bites per year. The snake is considered confidential and are reluctant to bite rule (its toxic potential was still under discussion in 1880), and poisoning is thought to occur in only 40% of bites. But unlike New World vipers pit, coral snakes in this new world can not control the amount of venom injected primarily neurotoxic. Biting bucket often the result of an accident or near-distraction, even if a coral snake venom holds adults is enough to kill a maximum of five adults can not release all their venom in a single bite. Wyeth has the production of coral snake antivenom in 2010, citing a lack of profitability. 

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