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Meller Chameleon


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Meller Chameleon | The largest of the chameleons of Africa, a large T. male melleri typically reach 24 inches (61 cm) long, but exceptionally large specimens have reached more than 30 inches (76 cm) long and weighed 21 oz (600 g). The head of this type is relatively low compared to the rest of the body and has an elongated than others of its kind in the chameleon form T. melleri body is robust and has a third of the length of the body relatively stocky queue. Chameleon helps occipital lobe greatly expanded. Longitudinal rows of scales are large granular Chameleon particular region, one of its most distinctive features. Stains and wide vertical stripes on the sides of chameleon color brown, dark green, yellow or black. The base color of the creature is a deep forest green with white stripes, but also many chameleons can change color depending on different cases. When fed or handled can show black and white spots.

Meller chameleon color patterns associated with stress. Excitement or mild stress is indicated by superimposed normal color reptiles dark spots. These spots become dark green with black spots, like the chameleon is boring. Burden is dark gray chameleon first, followed by the pure white decorated with yellow stripes. Meller Chameleon A patient may be dotted with brown, gray, pink or white. Like most chameleons, Meller are pure carnivores eat insects, lizards, spiders, small worms and caterpillars. Large specimens have been known to eat small birds. Wild specimens of T. melleri fared poorly in captivity, often with parasites imported heavy loads, have a high mortality rate. What is the size of lizards, it is recommended that a large enclosure. Simulate the natural temperature variations in the natural environment of the child, low night temperature (60 ° F ~ 16 ° C) is also recommended. 

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