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Galápagos Tortoise


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Galápagos Tortoise | Turtles have a large bony armor (shell) of dull brown. A tortoise can withdraw its head, neck and front legs into their shells for protection. The legs are large and stocky, with dry, scaly skin and hard scales. On the larger islands and humid, turtles seasonally migrate between low altitudes, the lawn is in the rainy season, and areas of meadow valley high altitudes (up to 2000 feet (610 m) in the dry season. Same paths for many generations are used, creating well-marked trails through the woods as "highways turtle." In these damp islands, is sociable and turtles vaults are often found in large herds to answer the provision of more solitary and territorial seat turtles.  Some turtles were recorded at night under the overhanging rocks.

Tortoises are herbivores that eat a diet of cacti, herbs, leaves, lichens and berries. They were Hippomane Mancinella ("poison apple") power, guava Psidium galapageium endemic water fern Azolla microphylla and bromeliads Tillandsia insularis documented A turtle eats on average 32-36 kg (70-80 pounds) per day, although inefficient digestion means a lot of this by extraction without food.

Turtles buy most of their moisture from dew and sap in vegetation (particularly the Opuntia), thus can survive long periods without water. You can endure 18 months in the case of deprivation of food and water to survive by breaking their body fat, produce water as a byproduct. On the islands, turtles lick the morning dew from the rocks and repeated many generations formed hemispherical depressions in the rock action.
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