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Madagascar Cockroach


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Madagascar Cockroach | As its name suggests, is characterized by its Madagascar hissing cockroach that is generated when the force is with vents breathing (ventilation) for each segment of the abdomen. Madagascar cockroach is a member of a group of cockroaches, which can all whistle, this exact type of sound production, however, is not typical, because most insects seem to be rubbing together various body parts .. ("chirp") Some insects, like the giant worm Fiji, compressing the hiss of air under their elytra, but this is not the case, vents Add hissing hissing cockroaches located three ways: whistling hiss, the female of the extraction, and the whistle of combat. All cockroaches fourth instar (fourth molting cycle) and older are able to whistle. Only men with female fighting whistles extraction and growling when he is used by other men (males establish dominance hierarchies and finally submitted a new man in a fight) challenged. Cockroach Madagascar has been known to be seen in Hollywood movies, prominently in Bug (1975) like cockroaches set fire by rubbing their legs, and could not Damnation Alley (1977), the armor mutant cockroaches after the nuclear war "murderer." A cockroach from Madagascar has been used as a controller for a mobile robot.

In September 2006, announced the amusement park Six Flags Great America will provide unlimited online jumping privileges for all races was for anyone to eat a Madagascar hissing cockroach living in a Halloween-themed FrightFest. In addition, if a candidate has managed to beat the previous world record (eating 36 cockroaches in 1 minute), you get four tickets to the 2007 season. Cockroaches were on a fast track and compete for the sixth cycle of America's Next Top Model, which is decorated with colorful decorations and is used on models with a line, while the track start and Jared Gold Collection "Glinka" was dressed - always mixed reactions from the models (in particular, one of them contained a phobia of cockroaches).

Madagascar hissing cockroaches are mutated in force in the plot of the comic The Exterminator. August 12, 1999 "Jungle" John LaMedica Newark, Delaware, was placed in a plexiglass coffin with 20,050 giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches in all Guinness World Records Primetime in Hollywood, California. Tyler the creator made a hissing cockroach in his video Yonkers album Goblin biting the thorax of the cockroach not to vomit. On July 12, 2010 was Yuri Samodurov and Andrei Erofeev, curators of the exhibition "Forbidden Art 2006" at the courthouse Tagansky, Moscow, convicted of "inciting religious hatred". Voina members entered the courthouse with the intention to release about 3,500 giant cockroaches living in Madagascar. The State of Florida requires such approval.  

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