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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Brolga | The Brolga is a tall and slender bird , with very long legs which are mainly gray and slender neck ( gray) are topped with a bare head and a red patch of skin behind the eyes scurrying back of the head Adult feather ( feathers ) also grey.They grows to about 1 meter by 2 meter wingspan . Because Brolgas often nest and live in brackish water they are the only crane species to have a gland in the corner of their eye that helps to pass the excessive salt
Brolgas typically found in large noisy flock (sometimes 1,000 or more ) in a herd Each family group led by a man . When the rainy season ends they may have to fly long distances to find food . Brolgas can search for cold air to fly to high altitudes . The Brolga is found mostly in the tropical north or in the east of Australia is difficult to estimate the numbers in Australia , but is said to range between 20,000 and 100,000 conegrate They prefer freshwater marsh meadow , but can survive in marginal brackish and salty wetlands
Scientific classification
Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Class : Aves
Order : Gruiformes
Family : Gruidae
Genus : Grus
Species : G. rubicunda
Brolgas have a varied diet but love grass tubers ( small , swelling of starch in the roots of wetland plants ) They also like crops of grain , seeds , insects ( invertebrates ) , and a variety of small vertebrates such as frogs and small reptiles are what most brolgas famous , their mating dance with wings spread and facing each other 2 brolgas jumping , dancing , round , prancing about and doing too much head shaking at the same time they often make a loud trumpet call this dance very delicate looking and graceful

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