Senin, 16 Desember 2013

Gray Wolf

 The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The WorldGray Wolf Gray wolf, or Common wolf is the largest extant member of the dog family of mammals, Canidae. Gray wolf lives in a reduced portion of its former range by widespread destruction of its habitat, human encroachment, and resulting human-wolf encounters that led to a broad extirpation. Gray wolf was once the world's most widely distributed mammal. Besides the environmental factors of human encroachment on natural habitats, perform wolf population, wolves have suffered one of the most persecuted of the world's wildlife. Historically, gray wolves have the largest range of a land mammal except humans. They have lived in all habitats in the Northern Hemisphere except for tropical forests.

Gray wolves are generally gray jackets, gray, black, and light brown fur covering their head and upper body, and yellowish white fur on the legs and abdomen. Some Mexican wolf subspecies-not-have pure white or black coats. Gray wolves are slim, powerfully built animals with large, deep valleys and sloping back ribcages.The front legs have five toes each, while the back legs have four. . In cold climates, wolves can reduce the flow of blood near the skin of their body heat to save.
 Gray wolves are slim, powerfully built animals with large, deep valleys and sloping back ribcages.. The ears are relatively small and triangular. Wolves usually carry their heads on the same level as their backs, raise their heads only when alert. Gray wolves are carnivores, often hunting animals larger than they are, such as moose, caribou, and deer, but also beavers, hares and other small animals. Postural communication in wolves is composed of a variety of facial expressions, tail positions and piloerection. 
Aggressive or self-assertive wolves are characterized by their slow and deliberate movements, posture and raised hackles high, while the submissive who wear their body is low, smoothing their hair and let their ears and tail. Wolves are generally not dangerous to humans, as long as they are in low numbers, enough food, have little contact with people and occasionally hunted.

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