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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Tapir | Coats are short and range in color from brown to gray to almost black., With the notable exception of the Malayan tapir, a white saddle-shaped marking on the back, and the mountain tapir, most woolly tapirs have oval all , white-tip, round ears, protruding basin with stubby tail and hooves flared, toes, four toes on each front foot and three on the hind legs to help them go on a muddy field and soft. Tapirs for children of all types have striped suit and camouflage patches. Tapirs are often the answer Flehmen, a position in which they raise the muzzle and show the teeth to detect odors. The length of the proboscis varies among species, Malaysian tapirs have longer snouts and Brazilian tapirs have shorter. Tapirs are lophodonts and choose. Tapirs have brown eyes, often with a blue tinge to it. Tapirs men have penises long outstanding compared to their size.

Young tapirs reach sexual maturity between three and five years, women mature earlier than men. In good conditions, women's health tapir Biennale play a child born after a gestation period of about 13 months. The natural duration of a tapir is. Swim is Tapirs near a water source, sink to the bottom and along the riverbed to feed, and must sink under the water, you know that fish parasites small can get their body size In addition to fresh water lounging, tapirs often wallow in mud pits, which also helps keep you cool and free of insects. In the wild, the tapir's diet consists of fruit, berries and leaves, especially young people, the growth in enrollment. Tapirs spend most of their waking hours that feed along the beaten track, nose to the ground. In search of food Baird tapir showed that almost 40 kg (85 pounds) of vegetation to eat in a day.

Tapirs are largely nocturnal and twilight, even if most of the Andean tapir is usually active during the day than their peers. Hunting for meat and skins to reduce the number and, more recently, the loss of habitat has resulted in the conservation watch-list of four ways: both the Brazilian Tapir and the Malayan tapir are classified as endangered, and the tapir Baird and the mountain tapir are endangered. The first true tapirs appeared in the Oligocene. Asian and American tapirs are probably each about 20 to 30 million years, and tapirs North America South America about 3 million years ago, attracted by the exchange of Great American. The giant tapir Megatapirus survived until about 4000 years in China. The tapir can Hyracotherium paleo there (once as a primitive horse) developed.

The Tapir Specialist Group, part of the survival of the species IUCN Commission wants to biodiversity through the promotion, development and implementation of practical programs to study, restore, protect and manage the four species of tapir and their remaining habitat center and South America Asia and South America to save. Baird's tapir in Costa Rica is the project of the longest ongoing tapir in the world, which began in 1994. These collars on tapirs in Costa Rica Corcovado National Park in their social systems and study the habitat preferences. World Tapir Day was April 27, 2008. The day was created to promote the lives of four tapir, Central and South America and South-East Asia to increase. In 1998, a zookeeper in Oklahoma City ripped and cut his arm pressure after opening the door to a diet in pregnancy tapir woman. (The tapir baby two months the cage at the time.)
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