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Chinese Spatula


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Chinese Spatula | Spatula Chinese Psephurus gladius, also known as Chinese Swordfish, are among the largest freshwater fish. And "one of the two extant species of a spatula, the other is the trowel He also called" elephant fish "because its snout resembles an elephant's trunk. Spatula China People's Republic of China is the first level of animal protection. By overfishing, the Chinese spatula now endangered and officially quit the People's Republic in 1983 with a spatula or fish recognized young adults. Dams spatula (like the Three Gorges Dam), which threatened to divide the population into isolated groups.

Fish are scarce, recent concerns that the species may already be extinct. During three years of research from 2006-2008 conducted by a research group of the Chinese Academy of Fisheries Science in Jingzhou not met a copy. The last confirmed sighting of fish occurred in the life January 24, 2003, on the Yangtze. However, a 3.6-meter, a sample of 250 kg of illegal January 8, 2007, captured in Jiayu County. Zeb Hogan monster fish on the National Geographic Channel and other environmentalists transfer the fish to a fence, with the hope that he would survive.
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