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Spectacled Bear


The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Spectacled Bear | The spectacled bear the only bear native to South America and, technically, the largest carnivorous land on the continent, although only 5% of the diet consists of meat. Largest South American carnivore Jaguar forces. Among the current South American native animals of land just south of Baird and most serious American tapir species. The spectacled bear is a medium sized species of bear. Compared to the live bear, this species is more circular face with relatively short and wide muzzle. In some species of the subfamily Tremarctinae dead, the facial structure is thought to be an adaptation to a diet primarily carnivorous, although modern preferences They herbivorous spectacled bear food "found in many regions of northern and western America South, including eastern Panama, western Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, western Bolivia and northwestern Argentina. bear Users optical is known to be able to fit, because it is in a variety of habitats and elevations throughout its range, including forests, high mountain grasslands, dry forests and desert scrub.

Tremarctos ornatus is commonly known in English The "spectacled bear", referring to the color of light in the chest, neck and face, which may resemble the glasses in some individuals, or "Andean Bear" for distribution throughout the Andes. Root trem-comes from a Greek word meaning "hole" arctos is the Greek word for "bear". Spectacled bear half bear species are usually filled by current American and Asian black bear and Sun bear its security alongside humans is primarily dependent on its ability to climb up the tallest trees in the Andes. Despite being registered for food in small groups with abundant food sources. Like other bears, mothers protect their young and denounces poachers. In general, recent threats bear against human adult. Bear long life in captivity at the National Zoo in Washington, DC, take life of 36 years and 8 months.

Herbivores spectacled bear more than most other bears, typically around 5-7% of their diet meat. The most common foods for bears are cacti, palm nuts, bamboo, orchid bulbs hearts, fruit fell to the forest floor, and palm leaves are unpacked. Bears also eat crops such as sugar cane, honey and corn, and is known to travel above the tree line of berries and bromeliads. Animals victim is too low, but the bears can expect deer, llamas and adult domestic cattle and horses. It seems that some bears become accustomed to eating animals, but the bears are actually more likely to eat carrion and animals that accidentally some farmers may use optical bear killed. Because of the fear of the loss of values, the bear died in sight. The spectacled bear population is threatened by a number of factors. Bears are hunted by humans due to the belief that eating animals (although spectacled bears do not eat large amounts of meat).

As a food source for the bears away, are based on food crops. Existing laws against bear hunting, but rarely implemented. In the documentary, Paddington Bear: The Early Years, British actor Stephen Fry is a spectacled bear named Yogi, which was kept in a small cage for Andean people (see also Paddington Bear). Fry interest in the documentary have been followed, Stephen Fry and the spectacled bear, and also wrote and published his experiences in Bear Recovery: a Peruvian newspaper. BBC TV program seriously Andes, a team of eight teenagers enclosure built for two initial users optical Bear before returning them to the wild.
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