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The Biggest Animals Kingdom and in The World | Sifaka | Propithecus are a genus (Propithecus) of lemur family in the order Primates Indriidae. The name is an onomatopoeia for their feature called "shi-FAK" alarm. All species are endangered sifaka, of vulnerability to extinction The tail is longer than the body, so the difference in Indri. Their fur is long and silky, with color ranging from yellowish white to black brown species. Sifaka hanging vertically move and jump, which means they have a vertical leap of a tree trunk and moving along the branches to maintain. They are agile climbers and powerful jumpers, able to jump up to 10 meters from tree to tree. Move the ground as bipeds indrids jump with lateral movements of the hind legs, keeping your feet before balance. Propithecus his day-and tree.

Propithecus are herbivores, feeding on leaves, flowers and fruits. Sifaka live in large groups indrids other (to 13). Edges of different sifaka territories can overlap. While defending their territory against invasion by others of their kind, they can peacefully coexist with the other lemurs, as Lemur Lemur Red-bellied and brown together. Life expectancy is under 18 sifaka.

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